The ATHexapod is a python package that implements the CSC that controls a PI H-824 hexapod that holds the secondary mirror on the Auxiliary Telescope. The hexapod allows precise positioning of the mirror, which is key to performing optical collimation of the telescope as well as focus adjustments.

Under normal operations, it is expected that the CSC will be largely controlled from commands received from the ATAOS and essentially no direct user interaction is required. The ATHexapod is also part of the ATCS high-level control package. The CSC is written using the ts_salobj library and can be installed as an EUPS or PIP package.

The badges above navigate to the GitHub repository for the CSC code, Jenkins CI jobs, Jira issues and communications interface for the software.

User Documentation

User-level documentation, found at the link below, is aimed at personnel looking to perform the standard use-cases/operations with the ATHexapod.

Configuring the ATHexapod

The configuration for the ATHexapod is described at the following link.

Development Documentation

This area of documentation focuses on the classes used, API’s, and how to participate to the development of the ATHexapod software packages.

Version History

The version history of the ATHexapod CSC is found at the following link.

Release notes have not yet been published for this package, but will be in the future.

Contact Personnel

For questions not covered in the documentation, emails should be addressed to Eric Coughlin <> and Patrick Ingraham <>.

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